Trail Markers — 4 Comments

  1. Your beautiful heart of Praise
    comes through in your writing creations!
    Thank you for reminding us to
    Give Thanks to The Lord!
    He is Worthy of our Praise💛💫

  2. Yes, sister! I will join you in praising our faithful God for all the beautiful blessings. I’m thankful for all the ups and downs of life because they help me to realize how great our Savior is! Blessings to you always. Guess what? I’m halfway done with the beautiful prayer book that you recommended. Actually, I now have a second copy. I will see who God put in my life for me to bless them with the extra copy I have. Thanks again for always be faithful in all that you do. Love you! ((hugs))

    • Praising God with you, sweet Tess! \o/ \o/ I’m so grateful the book has been a blessing. That’s sweet that you will be able to bless someone else. I love how blessings bless us and can bless others! Love you too! You are in my heart and prayers! ((((((hugs)))))) XOXOXO