Book 3 of the Crawdad Beach Series

Crystal’s Journey Home

Widowed for seven years, Crystal missed her family in Crawdad Beach, but she wouldn’t leave her twenty-three-year-old daughter, and Olivia probably wouldn’t leave Texas. Yet, Crystal’s life continued to bring unwelcome changes. Her neighborhood had gone downhill, her friends had moved, and she had been laid off from her job. Crystal was torn; the old hometown was calling to her, but could she let go and trust God for whatever came next on her journey?

Eric Reed lived in Crawdad Beach all of his life and had no desire to leave. He loved his job and the town, but his wife died two years ago, his daughters were away in college, and his life was getting lonelier every day. The thought of dating again terrified him. Maybe he just needed a dog.

Sometimes letting go is the only way to move forward.

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“Lisa Buffaloe has done it again! I started reading this afternoon, planning to get in a few chapters before returning to chores. Other than preparing a quick meal for the family, nothing got done but this wonderful story! The characters are like old friends as the new book picks up where the first two left off. Yet, I would have loved them all and followed the story without issue even if I hadn’t read books one and two. I can’t wait for the next Crawdad Beach story. Whose story will unfold next? By the way, I took notes! Who does that with fiction? But there was much to learn on my trip to South Carolina. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!” Dutchess Horton

“Two people who have lost their spouses find love again. Very much a Christ book filled with scripture and quotes encouraging people to trust God with all the unknown things in this life.”~ Amazon reader

“If you like Christian contemporary fiction you’ll enjoy this story with a mature couple and a sweet small town.” ~ Patricia Carroll