“My people have been lost sheep. … They have roamed from one mountain and hill to another. They have forgotten their resting place.” ~ Jeremiah 50:6 (NET Bible)

Bad news, people angry and hurting, politicians battling and belittling, the media’s agenda leaning right or left, overwhelming life difficulties, and the world seems to have gone stark-raving crazy.

Are you looking for a safe place to take a deep breath and find rest? Truth, hope, and encouragement are found in the Bible.

Find your resting place. Come aside, soak deep, and linger in this five-session discovery of rest in God’s word. (Video session One is found further down the page).

“My Bible study group just finished Lisa Buffaloe’s book, The Forgotten Resting Place. We started our journey in April of 2019 and completed it yesterday. We decided to work page by page, and the women loved the slower pace, giving us time to digest all that Lisa offered. I would highly recommend this study for any woman or group that desires to grow in their faith. Thank you so much Lisa, for following the Lord’s lead to write, write, and write some more.” ~ Paula Chatman

“This book will touch your heart in so many ways. We all need the strength and comfort of God to make it through this messy, broken, hurtful world. I could feel the comfort of the Lord as I was reading this book. I will re-read this book many times.” ~ Ann Ferri

“This is the latest release out of several books Lisa Buffaloe has written. It is divided into five teaching sessions and each part has strategies, Scriptures and practical life examples that will help one to find rest for their soul. Even though we are all on a different journey, God remains the same and the insights you will gain within these pages can turn heartache and weariness into triumph and peace. Do you find yourself being caged by circumstances or illness? Have worries rob your piece? Discover how to turn your concerns into praises and exchange worry for strength and comfort. If you are in a waiting season this work will help comfort you. ‘Waiting is often a call to our hearts to come and talk with Him, to sit at His feet,to love and be loved. In the rush of life, and the lack of waiting, we miss the moments of precious intimacy.’ Ignite your understanding of God’s love for you. Buffaloe beckons us to receive His Grace freely given and not predicated on being good enough. ‘We’re all broken, messy, needy children in need of The One who loves us through the broken, messy neediness of our lives.'” ~ Valerie Caraotta

The Forgotten Resting Place — First Place Finalist in the Global Media Summit 2020 Christian Literary awards.













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