Book 1 of the Crawdad Beach Series

Visible, yet Hidden

A brutal murder. A life in hiding. Hearts at risk.

Taken into protective custody after witnessing the murder of a drug kingpin, Marie Delgado finds herself in the quirky, small town of Crawdad Beach.
Haunted by the past, can she risk her heart and her life to trust God with her future?
David Mitchell had everything most people wanted – a great family, a good job, and a hometown he loved, but one thing remained missing.
When he meets Marie, is she the answer to his prayers, or will her past kill both of their hopes and dreams?

“I laughed, cried, thought, and praised! I loved it!” ~ Missy Farris

“I loved escaping into the charming seaside town of Crawdad Beach with this story. The author’s writing gives vivid descriptions of the scenery and events. I enjoyed the two main characters, David and Marie, as well as the storyline. It was an enjoyable cozy mystery with a love story woven into it. Hope I can return to Crawdad Beach sometime soon!” ~ Sara B.


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Book 2 of the Crawdad Beach Series

Running to Grace

Sometimes, the hardest thing to escape is the past.

Five years ago, Grace Soloman and her wounded heart returned to Crawdad Beach, South Carolina. Believing her chance for love was no longer an option, she immersed herself in work and hobbies. But then, her childhood friend moved to town.

Jeremy Johnson thought helping his great-aunt retire from her business would only be a temporary distraction. However, when given an unexpected gift, his life is rerouted to a new opportunity, a search for hidden treasure, and a long-lost love.

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