Unfailing Treasures Treasure is sought after, fought over, and pursued to the ends of the earth. Yet no matter how much wealth is gained, nothing is safe from thieves, decay, or the fluctuating world economy. And not one penny can be taken beyond the grave.

However there is an amazing offer for unfailing treasures, secure, and transportable beyond space and time. Satisfaction, love, joy, peace, comfort, and everything your soul craves, is offered for free. An incredible treasure room filled with unfailing, heavenly treasures waits for all.

You Can Take It With You!

“…an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near nor moth destroys.” ~ Luke 12:33

“Lisa’s insight, her commitment to choosing God despite all that comes against us, and her simply beautiful, honest writing make this and every other work I’ve read by her a treasure of great worth.” ~ Serena

“Author Lisa Buffaloe is gifted with a heart of encouragement to enlarge readers capacity for more of God. In Unfailing Treasures you will find, in a devotion book style, fuel for the soul in all aspects of life.” ~ Valerie Caraotta

“Five spiritual stars!”

 “Highly recommend this as a daily devotional.”


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