No Wound Too Deep For The Deep Love of Christ The enemy wants you to believe your wounds are incurable and your past is unredeemable; that your pain, your sin, and your experiences are too far from God’s healing touch. The past cannot be erased, but we can take every wound to the Great Physician – God.

God loves you just as you are – wounded, battered, bruised. God loves you – your past and the hidden things no one knows. God loves you – your jagged scars that carved valleys in your soul. God loves you – and no one and nothing can keep Him from you. No person. No power on earth. No memory. No flashback. No sin. No thought. No action. Nothing can stop God from offering His healing and His everlasting, unfailing love. 

The One who made you, the One who loves you with an unfailing love, He is The One who wants to heal you and The One who can heal you. 

No Wound Too Deep gently beckons you to experience the deep, healing love of God. 

Only seventy pages with simple steps to help point to healing in Christ. 

“Lisa delivers her own brand of medicine in writing words that heal. She knows the real words from the fluff because she has walked the road many times.”

It truly inspired me! It is a roadmap to emotional freedom. I would recommend this to anyone in need of emotional healing!

Very spot on and focused on how Christ covers, heals and redeems our lives in our Heavenly Father! Great read and applicable to our everyday lives!


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