Living Joyfully Free Devotional 2 — The joyful journey continues …

Living joyfully free is pressing into God’s chest and listening to His heart. Exploring and mining through the treasures that fill the pages of the Bible, like children we can come to our Heavenly Father and ask the hard questions, and yet live in wide-eyed wonder. Let’s ponder and hold up God’s truth to His light and watch the facets of His glory radiate.

My hope and prayer is that this book will take you deeper into God’s love, because the more we understand and discover, the more we can live joyfully free.


“This is an inspiring and movingly written book that will really change your thoughts about some of the negatives in your life. It is written by one who has “been through the fire” and come out in a deeper, more intimate walk with God. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don’t miss this or Volume One of the same title!” ~ Karen King

“Well written. To the point. Helpful. Made me think about things in different way!”

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