I would love to float in clear skies, serene, carefree, and untethered from life’s difficulties. However, the problems of this world often weigh me down.

This quote challenged me, “It is a sign of weakness to always worry and fret, question everything, and mistrust everyone. Can anything be gained by it? Don’t we only make ourselves unfit for action, and separate our minds from the ability to make wise decisions? We simply sink in our struggles when we could float by faith.” ~ Lettie Cowman

Doesn’t floating by faith sound wonderful? Yet, how do we float by faith in a world filled with anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, health issues, negative news reports, unending distractions, and other life issues?

Join me as we explore ways to be fueled by God’s joyful peace and empowered with His power to Float by Faith through the obstacles and storms of life.

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