A man attended a meeting in an unfamiliar location. His room was a distance from the main location, and the unmarked trail was dark. He had forgotten his flashlight, and fear overtook him when he couldn’t see the way. He then felt the urge to run.

Running when he couldn’t even see didn’t make sense, but the prompting was strong. So he ran. As he sprinted forward, the most amazing thing happened — lightning bugs in the bushes startled by the man’s pounding feet took flight and lit up the trail. In the same way, as we follow God in obedience, He lights our way.

God’s word is a treasure-trove of truth to help us along our journey. One Lit Step contains devotions to help bring you closer to God and point you to His word for guidance and direction. Wherever your steps may lead, remember Jesus is the Light of the world, and when you follow Him you won’t walk in darkness but have the Light of life. (John 8:12) With Jesus in your life, there will always be one lit step.

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