Nadia's Hope

The nightmares continue.
Memories won’t heal.
Nadia must make a choice.

Nadia Minsky fled Israel to escape her past, but she can’t outrun her nightmares. The throbbing scars along her hip and stomach are cruel reminders of shattered dreams. Even though surgeons mended her body, her spirit still bleeds. Friends claim only God can heal her. For Nadia, trusting a God who allowed her to suffer is inconceivable.

Can close friends, a wild roommate, and a handsome medical student help Nadia learn to trust? Or will her past forever cripple her future?

2007 North Texas Christian Writers Best of Conference Award for Adult Novel
2010 Women of Faith Writing Contest Finalist
Runner-up for Women’s Fiction, 2010 (ACFW) American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Contest

“Lisa Buffaloe writes from the depths of her soul and entwines the hearts of others in a most compassionate way. Forgiveness ~ both asking for and giving ~ love, relationships, heartache, trauma, God’s faithfulness, hope: it’s all there in a very real and poignant way. Lisa treats a most traumatic experience with complete understanding and empathy. This is a must-read story for women who have ever experienced personally, or may know someone who has suffered, a traumatic encounter that leaves unseen scars on the heart.” ~ Rita Kroon

“A story of grace and love and forgiveness.”

 “A story of hope, healing and love.”

“A touching story about pain and forgiveness.”

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