Sharing comfort — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Lisa, You have been on my mind a lot lately. Well, maybe that’s because I should be praying for you. I hope you are feeling much better than what you did when you wrote this post. Life can be tough right?! As you have said, there is always someone struggling with more pain, more hurt, more “less”. I will be praying for you precious Lisa. I am trying to get back into blogging and you were the first place I came to, because way back then, you were the first to encourage me. God uses you in ways you probably never even see. God bless, have a great weekend and God-willing your healing is progressing well.
    Tracy (was Daily in His grace, now “Faith and Tea” 🙂

    • Hi, Tracy it is so good to hear from you! Praise the Lord I am doing better than the earlier post. The tumor was benign and I’m healing well. I will probably have one or two more surgeries to fix my hip but I need to be a little further down the healing pathway. I’m grateful you are back to blogging. 🙂 Thank you so much for your prayers. I look forward to being reconnected. God’s blessings to you and BIG hugs!

  2. Oh precious Lisa…my thoughts go to Job and how satan was given permission by God to test Job’s faith through so much heartache and pain, and yet, Job continued to honor God through it all just as you are continuing to honor Him and love on others with your words of encouragement. I pray that your physical pain will resolve soon through the Mighty touch of our Great Physician and Savior Jesus and that your emotional pain will be comforted by our Father God as He surrounds you with His reassuring presence and peace through it all. I know Jesus is bringing you before the Father and seeking His continued love to pour out upon you. I love you. But He loves you so much more! Blessings and hugs and love and continued prayers for you, my precious Sister-in-Christ.

    • Awww thank you, dear Pat. I so appreciate your kind words and prayers. Thank you. I love you, precious sister-in-Christ. Sending blessings, hugs, and love to you too!

  3. Thank you, Lisa. I needed this today. I don’t understand the pains I’m going through either. Between my head in constant pain, my knee moving from tolerable to unbearable, and my back with the stress fractures, I’m having trouble seeing what good is going to come from it. I know God has it all under control, but I catch myself crying from the pain. Then with today being Mother’s Day, I felt like you again. My mother and my son are both in Heaven and I miss them so much. This day is only one of pain now.My prayers continue to be with you, my friend.

    • Oh, Beth I am so sorry for all your pain. You have gone through so much and continue to face so many challenges. I’m so sorry! You are on my daily prayer list. I’m lifting you up in prayer into God’s loving, healing, comforting arms. Sending gentle hugs to you sweet friend.

  4. Amen! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. God is really using your struggles to enrich His Kingdom. God bless you. XOXOX