It all turned out okay — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this wisdom Lisa! So sorry for the very bumpy journey! Wow! Amazing how God provides one way or another along the way! Yahweh Yireh!!! This was timely for me as well! Shannon is driving across country to her job in San Diego with only her kitty for a companion in her older model Honda. We offered to go with, follow her out there and fly back home, etc. Love her independent spirit but my Momma heart is a bit uncertain. I will keep the scripture you shared in mind and place my trust in the One who is always faithful. One way or another He will provide.

    • Thank you, sweet Sara. I sure do miss you, sweet friend! I will join you in prayer for Shannon. Our Momma hearts sure do get a workout in faith with our children (no matter how old they are). Love you!

  2. What a timely message!
    My hubby is having a total hip replacement on Aug 7, & he’s weaning off the pain meds he’s been taking, per the surgeons’ instructions. He’s in a lot of pain, using a cane, & not sleeping well. Not to mention the crabbiness.
    I’m having to do more here in the house, & it’s causing me to appreciate all he’s been doing!
    One day at a time Jesus…one day at a time.

    I’m so happy for you to finally be in your home!
    Praying many blessings ahead for you & Dennis!


    • Thank you, sweet Cyn. I’m so sorry your hubby is having to wean off his pain meds. Ouch! Once he gets that surgery, he will be so happy to be out of that pain. Poor baby and poor you! Dennis has had both hips replaced and continues to be SO grateful for his bionic attachments. 🙂 I’m praying for you and your hubby during this process. Please keep me informed. BIG hugs to you!

  3. I love it when you said, “God’s got you. He knows your needs. God understands the difficulties of life. He’ll be with you. Forever, He will be with you, and it will turn out okay. He promises.” This remind me of what God promise in Romans 8:28. I’m so glad yo’re all settled in and thanks for sharing your bumpy road with us. Not easy while going through it but sure glad it’s over and thankful God was always with us. Blessings to you and your family as you’re adapting in your new place. XOXO

    • Thank you, sweet Tess. It will be so amazing when we all get to heaven and see the BIG picture and how it all turned out okay! Yay! God’s blessings to you, sweet friend! XOXO 😀

  4. Sweet Lisa, I often wonder how many times God says, Silly Christians, when are you gonna figure out I’ve got this?!!!! Lol

    • Alicia, I so wish I could keep my perspective always squarely on God and His provision and power. Oh my goodness, I would save myself much heartache! 🙂 God’s always got us and got this! 😀 Hugs to you!

  5. Lisa, I am so glad it all turned out wonderfully but then, we know our God does all things well and good. This was such an encouraging word for me to read tonight & I thank you for reminding me of this with your transparency and grace and humor! Blessings!

    • Thank you, Joanne. I’m grateful the Lord kept me off the internet for a few weeks while He brought me back to His reality! God’s mercies are truly new every morning! 😀 God’s blessings to you, sweet friend!

  6. I want to be consoling and stuff like that..But I’m laughing so hard I can’t type….You know I love y’all, and so happy you’re settled.

    God Bless You Woman of God!


    • Hahaha! You crack me up, Poppa! Thank you for seeing the humor. 🙂 We are so grateful the Lord took (and takes) such great care of us! Love to you, sweet brother-in-Christ! God bless you! 😀