I don’t understand — 4 Comments

  1. Before I was saved, I didn’t read much because I don’t  understand what I am reading but now God opens my blind eyes to understand the Bible! He showed me that He can do anything and that I’m helpless without Him. God is powerful and He loves me this I know! God bless you, sweet friend. Enjoy your visit with your precious son. My heart is very happy knowing that your son is visiting you right now. Blessings to you and your family. ((hugs))

    • Thank you, sweet Tess. I’m so grateful God opened our blind eyes to see Him and His truth! Oh, we are so blessed to be His! Blessings and BIG hugs to you, precious friend! XOXO

  2. Seems you and I had the same thing on our heart this week. My post this week is very similar to yours. Love your words “I can’t understand many things, but I can stand on the Word of God.” AMEN!

    Love you,


    • I saw your post, sweet Wendy and noticed the similarities God had laid on your heart. Even in these tumultuous times, I am standing firm with you on the solid rock of Jesus. Love you too, sweet friend!