The scream — 4 Comments

  1. I’m amaze of how close God is to each of us. His love is sure amazing! May God hold you and your family. May his peace be always with you, along with his strength. Hoping and praying for you dear friend. ((hugs))

    • Thank you, sweet Tess! Oh I so wish I could always rest in the truth of God’s amazing closeness. I was telling sweet hubby today I so want to see from the heavenly perspective, then the worries would fade away (and I definitely wouldn’t feel the need to scream). 🙂 BIG hugs to you, dear friend! XOXO (((((hugs)))))

  2. Loved your share and I shared it with my friends! So true. HIS word never fails in our time of trouble. Our emotions may vary but HIS WORD is constant. <3