The Blessing Game — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for this reminder, my faithful friend and real sister in Christ. You model well in blessings me with your friendship and all the beautiful gifts of your encouragement books. And not to mention your time. I loved it when I reached out to you; you responded promptly and I blessed with your great encouragement countless times. My heart would dance with raises to God for your faithfulness. I also missed the blessings. I think maybe I didn’t see your post because a lot of times I hardly do. unless I go directly to your page. My other problem is that I don’t like to take free things from others. I know that I robbed people of their blessings when I refused. I am slowly learning to accept the gift that God freely gives to all of us and in return bless others. Thank you for always speaking the truth through your writing. I appreciate you so much. XOXO P.S. Today is our spiritual birthday! 18 years ago, my husband and I accepted Christ and things are not the same. God has been good to us regardless. Thank you for helping me grow spiritually. Love you! ((hugs))

    • Awww happy, happy spiritual birthday, sweet Tess! \o/ Praising God for His wonderful mercy and grace. Oh, how blessed we are to be His! I’m so grateful we are sisters-in-Christ and the Lord led us to meet all those years ago. What joy you have been! I’m so grateful for you! Love you, precious friend!!!!! ((((((hugs))))))