Alone — 4 Comments

  1. Enjoyed your devotional, sweet friend. It’s been a while. God bless your work and your family. Blessing, Janice

  2. Thank you for this beautiful truth. I think as long as I am still in this world, I will get a rejection from left and right but the Bible warns us that. Thankful I don’t feel alone. God is always with me. And thank you for being my friend, even though you’re from afar but I can always count on you when I needed a friend to talk with. Love you! ((hugs)) 

    • What a blessing, sweet Tess that we are never, ever, ever alone! Our God is with us forever and ever! Oh, what a wonderful blessing! Thank YOU for being my friend! You have been a sweet blessing from God. Thank you for your encouragement and friendship throughout the years. Love you too!!! (((((hugs)))))