Flip-side — 4 Comments

  1. Great post Lisa!
    I make sculptures using rock; the hard places in our lives; as I need a visual reminder of God’s faithfulness. I often forget (or the enemy distracts me).

    • Thank you, sweet Cyn. I love the visuals God gives us in His nature. I collect heart rocks to remind me of God’s love. 🙂 Sending up prayers for you and a BIG hug to you!

  2. Amen! Beautiful post my friend. I know rocks are beautiful but never seen one like this one! Thank you for opening our eyes to look deeper to see the beauty God has for us. I don’t want to rush through life and missed what God has in store for me. He always have the best for His children. Love you friend. ((hugs))

    • Amen, Tess! God always wants (and has) the best for His children. Have a wonderful week, sweet friend! Love you too!! (((((Hugs))))) 😀