Burn it! — 6 Comments

  1. I love this practice and have done it myself. I also helped a friend do it too.
    It’s a very moving practice.
    I’m so glad you suggested this to me while back.
    Love you Lisa!

    • Cyn, we are so blessed to have such a wonderful God who will allow us to come to Him with our every need. The visual of the burning helped me so much. I’m grateful it helped you and your friend.

      Love you too, sweet friend! Thank you for the many ways you have encouraged and blessed me and my writing. Thank you, sweet sister!

  2. Amen! Thank you, I needed this. You are always on time my friend. Love you!! ((hugs))

    • Tess, how blessed we are to have a God who makes all things new. He takes our sorrows and pain, and heals our broken hearts and mends our wounds. Love you too!!! XOXO ((((hugs))))

  3. I love this article, Lisa! In my teachings, that I’ve been doing since 1999… for fear that folks may start a fire in the wrong place, I encourage them to surrender the letter to God By way of speaking to Him of this surrender, then ripping the letter up and discarding it in multiple recepticals is need be.