Keep working — 4 Comments

  1. Oh sweet Lisa you are spot on. I wish this post would’ve come 4 weeks ago. I stepped down as women’s min director after 14 years. Tired, worn out and feeling under appreciated I stepped down without any notice.

    So now I’m in this place of resting and praying and figuring out what’s next. It’s uncomfortable because I can’t just sit in my pew and not serve. The question now becomes in what capacity and what ministry.

    • Ah sweet, Alicia. Working is hard and sometimes stepping down to rest and seek the Lord’s face is the right thing to do. Run to God, cuddle up next to His heart and allow His Holy Spirit to guide you. He will direct your steps. Your relationship with Him goes beyond any work that you accomplish. (God continues to work on me on that point). Sometimes business keeps us so busy it’s hard to hear His still, small voice. God has got you safe in His hands, He will guide and direct you. Praying for you, sweet friend!