It will make a difference — 6 Comments

  1. I preached to thousands, I preached to just over a handful. I saw over a hundred repent and open the door of their life to God, I preached and saw no visible result many times..All of it was a blessing for me..A blessing because early on in my five decades of preaching I preached a sermon and never preached it again because there was absolutely no response..A few years after the sermon I came back through the little community of Rising Fawn, Georgia and there was a church there, a church because a man heard that sermon and thought on it for several months before making the decision to give himself totally to God..His soul, his finances, his life…I say yes and amen to this offering Ms.Lisa, His Word never returns to Him void..When we write or speak and believe, and not expect to become famous for our brilliance or talent regardless of what we see, we have blessed the Lord, it is the highest form of worship, and God blesses that.

    • Oh Poppa, thank you for sharing. I’m so grateful for you! Thank you for faithfully serving the Lord and continuing to deliver His message (regardless what your eyes see). I don’t think we have any idea how the Lord is working until we get to Heaven and see the beautiful harvest the Lord has blessed for His faithful followers. Thank you, Poppa. Thank you for your encouragement for me and so many others over the years. God bless you, precious brother-in-Christ!

  2. Amen! What we do matter to God even when we don’t see the instant result. God bless you sweetie for everything. For being you. Sometime it’s hard but I need to remember God is our strength! Please keep me in your prayers. I had an accident last night and couldn’t walk. For a fast healing. God bless. ((hugs))

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, sweetie. I always need this! Feel like I’m blowing in the wind. And then, God comes along and sends me encouragement…like through you! Love you! <3

    • Keep going, sweet Lynn. What you do is making a difference today and for tomorrow. I know it’s hard to keep on going when you wonder if anything really matters. Oh, it does! (I wrote much of that post for myself to remind me to keep going). Every word you write to bring someone closer to God will continue throughout eternity. You go, girl! Keep going, keep following God and His leading. What better use of our time than spending our time with Him and for Him! Love you!!! xoxo <3