Father’s Day — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful post, my sister. Thank you! Have a blessed Father’s Day weekend! XOXOX

  2. My father and I were never close. Growing up he never came to one Little League game. In High School he never saw me pitch, play quarterback, and only came to one basketball game. I still remember that game in 1973. We were warming up before the district final game and there stood my dad under the basket. I WAS STUNNED! I played one of my best games in High School and we won districts. We would become closer as I got older and I am so glad. I believe my dad repented and accepted Jesus and I will see him again. I love you dad and I love You Father!

    • Oh Dave, I’m so grateful things got better with your dad and he accepted Jesus. Praise God! \o/ What a blessing that we will see our earthly dads and our heavenly Father when we arrive in our eternal home. God bless you, dear brother!