Don’t miss the blessings — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, sweet friend. I need God’s help to be sensitive to His leading. Sometimes I know I missed it. Thankful for his grace that is new every morning. May you have a wonderful weekend. XOXOX ((hugs))

    • Oh, sweet Tess how I long to experience all the blessings the Lord has for each moment. May our eyes, ears, and hearts be open to Him! Love you, precious friend! Happy blessings to you! Love you! XOXO (((((hugs))))

  2. Hi Lisa, wow, what a great perspective. If I had to place myself in that little girl’s place I may not be as willing as she was, to see those who have hurt me, blessed. On the other hand, I don’t wish harm on anyone. I appreciate your writing from her perspective. Great post. I am back to blogging and would love you to visit if you have the time!
    God bless
    Tracy ( was mydailywalkinhisgrace 🙂

    • Hi, Tracy! So good of you to stop by. I must admit I would have also have a hard time seeking the best for my captor. I love how God shows us His way is the best way.

      I’m grateful you are back to blogging again. Welcome back! I’ll drop by and check out what you have written. Blessings to you!