Back side of the desert — 8 Comments

  1. Awesome. Shared to fb. Everyone should be Blessed by this Word. Thanks so very much, for being a Vessel for The Lord’s Glory and Blessings.

    Blessings Pastor Phyllis Holland- Tennessee

  2. God is faithful. What a comfort to know that. I am so encouraged by His unfailing love. Love you sweet one. ((hugs))

  3. it is 9.15.2018 5:30am. My husband who is a Elder just left to go to work after I decided it was time to share with him I found what seems to be a lump in my left breast upper arm area. recently we have been going through quite a few test and trails. It’s seems hard sometimes but we choose to stand and embrace the word of God. I realize this will be a hard 2hr drive to work for him and the talk with him and the Lord will be filled with emotions. I begin to go to Gate Way bible to get this morning scripture and my tablet kept taking me other places. Then getting frustrated and ready to search else where a part of your message was there. I clicked on it. I read and wow…Thank you. The word has bless me, encourage me and strengthen me. It has spoken to me and I thank you for listening to the voice of the Lord. Thank you for sharing. Thank You. Renee S.