Lisa Buffaloe

  • Soul-to-Soul Resuscitation
    The last few months with our move to Tennessee have been isolating. I’ve enjoyed the time with my sweet husband and son, but it’s hard moving to a new place. Hard to start over. Hard to be without friends in the area and very difficult to be without a church home....
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  • Kick the enemy’s tail!
    The enemy has been messing with me, with so many of my friends, and probably with you. Let’s kick the enemy’s tail! Let’s take back the ground the enemy has gained. The Israelites were given the Promised Land but they had to conquer their enemies. God helped the Israelites, but...
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  • Don’t Feed the Monster!
    What if on your front porch someone left a deadly, poisonous, ravenous, wicked, rabid, crazed, flesh-eating monster? Now mind you, the monster does tend to sweet talk and try to convince you that you should just take it in and everything will work out just fine. I hate to tell...
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  • Scripture Sluicing
    While living in Idaho, sweet hubby and I traveled one of the scenic byways and crossed a bridge to visit some hot springs. On the river, divers with dredges moved through the water. Their underwater vacuum sucked up streambed material. Rocks, sand, gravel, silt, and other minerals passed through the...
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