Lisa Buffaloe

  • Needy
    We are a needy lot, Lord. We want, and whine, and strive through our days. We forget so often that You are in control. We forget Your love. And forget that life is more than about us, that Your purposes are eternal, and Your ways are higher than we can...
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  • Hoping on Hope
    I’ve prayed long and hard, and at times I wonder if my prayers are making an impact. And my hope is failing. And then I remember God is the God of hope.  I don’t have to lose hope about a situation changing, or a person changing, because hope is found...
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  • Lifeline Heart Connection
    During prayer I was thinking of what a privilege it is to come to the God of the universe. And in that beautiful time together in prayer our hearts are connected to God’s heart. Prayer is a life-line to The One who gives life.        *Photo and graphics by Lisa...
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  • Hope For You
    Someone doesn’t believe there is hope. Not for them. They’ve experienced too much heartache, seen too much evil, and lived too much life. There is hope. For you. No matter where you are and what you’ve done, regardless of how used and abused you are, there is a Savior. For...
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