Thanksgiving, more than a holiday

Thanksgiving is a lifestyle

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday. The word Thanksgiving brings smiles to many, sadness to others. It’s a word associated with a holiday with images of Norman Rockwell paintings of family sharing food and laughter around a bountiful table. But the images aren’t real for most. Families are scattered by distance, … Continue reading →

He Will, I will

The Lord will...

For those who love the Lord, who obey Him and follow Him there are wonderful promises. The Lord will provide.[i] The Lord will fight for you.[ii] The Lord will rescue His servants.[iii] The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.[iv] The Lord will vindicate his … Continue reading →

Flooding Fear

Flooding fear

The news reports of attacks, death, battles, wars and the absolute horror of the evil of man against man. There seems to be no end to the tragedies of life. It all seems so very devastating and the mind wants to just shut down. Bar the windows, lock the doors, … Continue reading →

He Will

God will never leave you or forsake you

God never fails. God’s promises never fail. God is trustworthy. Satan is busy trying to distract us and keep us from living the abundant life that Jesus promises. The worries of the day, the worries of our lives, and the worries of our world can be overpowering. But let’s remember … Continue reading →

Wrinkles and Pimples


The mirror sometimes doesn’t make me happy. Wrinkles are now obvious, and to add insult to injury I still get pimples. Argh, I’m trapped between puberty and menopause. Spiritually I have similar problems. I think I’m getting older and wiser, but continue to make decisions that could be deemed childless. Maybe that’s … Continue reading →


God rescues His children

Our lives are flooded with information of the negatives in this world. We hear of wars, attacks, pain and suffering. Rarely do we receive good news (especially on the news). But I want you to know that all over the world rescues are happening. Rescues come through actions, words, and … Continue reading →


Jesus is the link that holds us together

Christianity doesn’t mean conforming to fit in little boxes of a square labeled Christianity. If puzzle pieces were only square they might fit together and look alike, but there wouldn’t be a linking point, nothing to hold them together. Shake ‘em up and they’re going to get all shook up. … Continue reading →

Held Down

Rise up and Shine!

I’ve been held down by attackers. I’ve been held down by those who tormented me in the past. I’ve been held down by those who I thought were friends but weren’t. I’ve been held down by horrific memories. I’m tired of being held down! Throughout my life the enemy attacked … Continue reading →