Lisa Buffaloe

  • Safety
    The last year I’ve had repeated dreams about different people trying unsuccessfully to kill me, and also several about being shot. My website stays under attack from hackers, and I received a threatening message through my site. I haven’t been fearful about these dreams or issues; I’m just not sure if...
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  • Flying free
    I love what Max Lucado wrote, “God wants you to fly. He wants you to fly free of yesterday’s guilt. He wants you to fly free of today’s fears. He wants you to fly free of tomorrow’s grave. Sin, fear, and death. These are the mountains he has moved. These...
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  • Father’s Day
    Father’s day is a time of joy for many. However, for those who have lost fathers, had terrible fathers, or for those who never knew their fathers, Father’s Day is difficult.  God knows and cares. God is with those whose father’s were absent, abusive, or dismissive.  Whether your father was...
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  • Deep Wounds
    One of my favorite quotes is by St. Augustine “In my deepest wound, I saw Your glory and it dazzled me.“ Through my trials, difficulties, detours into sin, I have learned more of God’s character, grace, mercy, love, and trustworthiness. They have given me opportunities to better understand who God...
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