Lisa Buffaloe

  • Banish the Worries
    I found myself in the throes of worrying, and as the worries grew, I decided perhaps I needed to take inventory.   Will my worrying actually help anything or anyone? Does worrying about what someone else thinks of me actually change how they think of me, or how they think?...
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  • Emergency Faith System
    Back in 2009, I blogged about going from peace to panic is .02 seconds. Two years down the road, we’re facing rather unexpected and unwanted news. It’s one of those times where faith is tested to the max. It’s so easy to say I have faith. So easy to attend...
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  • Enemy Manuevers
    The enemy has been busy assaulting with subtle attacks. Thoughts would flit by, one minute depressing, another questioning, accusations whispered, condemnation pointed, unrest caused restlessness, disturbance moaned, and each one would come just long enough to create turmoil, but not enough to be identified.  And then it hit me as...
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  • Battle Plan
    Waking with a start, mind reeling, I ran for my Bible. In my nightmare, people/monsters grabbed me, trying to take me away to their monstrous world. My method of escape was to use the sword of the spirit – scripture. Even during the dream I knew I was in trouble....
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