Loving with Christ’s Love

Love with the Love of Christ

Someone sent me a long message which hurt my feelings. I whimpered to my sweet hubby, prayed, and attempted to nurse my wounds. Finally, after days of trying to come up with a response, I noticed the lady had sent the same message to someone else—it had nothing to do with me. I hung my head in shame when I realized I had forgotten to filter what I read through God and His love. Once I removed my pre-conceived notions, I was able to join her in praising God for His faithfulness. It’s easy to get hurt feelings, and sometimes all the more so with our Christian family. Satan would love to make us angry and separate us from one another. Jane Rubietta writes, “… When I am loving others with Christ’s love, I don’t have to fear rejection or even being hurt by another.

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What are you going to do?

Earth on fire, original earth photo by NASA

Our world is held hostage by an enemy bent on destroying God’s creations. Satan places lies in every wound he inflicts to make people question God’s goodness. The devil steals, kills, and destroys then points to God and shrieks, “How could God do such a thing!” Seriously people, we have … Continue reading →

I heard You call

God is calling, photo by Lisa Buffaloe

I heard You call. Just a little whisper. And I rushed about my day thinking of You, but I didn’t stop. You called, and I thought I could squeeze You in later by taking care of the things crowding my day. And I wondered why I felt out of breath and so alone and the world seemed so cold. I’m so sorry.

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River photo by Lisa Buffaloe

When God calls us to do something, it’s easy to think in human terms there will be reward for our service. While that’s true, the payment may not be received here on earth. Our world is consumer based, consuming for our own consumption. God’s plans and ways are much bigger … Continue reading →

Your Best


Watching the Olympics was incredible. I’m so amazed at athletes who train and strive to be the best at their sport. To advance to the finals, the athletes had to compete in various heats and semi-finals. Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps raced in one early event. All cameras were trained on him as he easily finished in first place. Michael didn’t break records with his swim; he just wanted to make sure he advanced. He won his heat, but those who finished behind him didn’t advance to the next round. Did the other athletes think if they stayed close enough to Michael, they would move on to the next level? Did they keep their eyes on Michael instead of striving to do their best?

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Looking for hope

Looking for Hope. Along life’s journey we hope for certain things—good things for ourselves, our family, and our friends. However life doesn’t always turn out like we planed and our hopes are sometimes shattered and fractured. We spend our lives looking for hope. And often we focus so hard and so long at that one thing, that one person, that one situation, that we miss everything else. We miss the things God is doing, the people He is sending our way, the situations He is orchestrating to help us grow closer to Him. People will fail us, circumstances are ever-changing, but the one constant is God. He is hope that never fails.

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Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father’s day is a time of joy for many. However, for those who have lost fathers, had terrible fathers, or for those who never knew their fathers, Father’s Day is difficult.  God knows and cares. God is with those whose father’s were absent, abusive, or dismissive.  Whether your father was … Continue reading →

Spring the trap!

Forgiving others frees you!

Forgiving the ones who hurt us, harmed us, or hurt or harmed our loved ones is difficult. Forgiving someone who did wrong almost seems wrong. The world, and especially Satan, tells us surely a loving God wouldn’t want us to forgive “that” person. Satan’s lie is you are losing when … Continue reading →