Vaulting Over The Fence


When our son was younger he played baseball. During one game I overheard the pitcher and catcher discussing they were going to hit the next batter. The next batter was our son. And I tell you, I can be mild-mannered, kind, and gracious, but the thought of Scott getting hit … Continue reading →

Come away

Come away

I sat at the computer looking through the updates online. Some shared highlights of their day, photos of themselves and family members, Bible verses, fun graphics or videos. Unfortunately, also mixed in were news reports, rants and frustrations of the state of our country and our world. I felt my … Continue reading →

Broken hearts


The only one who can mend a broken heart is the One who made your heart. When your heart is breaking, when your heart is broken, run to Jesus. “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” ~ Psalm 34:18 (NASB) “He heals … Continue reading →



Fall arrived to the hottest day of the week. Taking advantage of the sunny day, I decided to wash our yard sneakers we had left on the patio or garage. Not sure if spiders or some other unsightly creepy-crawly-bug thing had decided to hide in the shoes, I picked them … Continue reading →

Make me Yours

sleeping-baby-on-a-hand Large Web view

Make me Yours. Completely Yours. Infuse me with Your presence. Remove me so that You may be all in me. May You, the Great I AM, be all there is in me. May I yield to Your will. May I bend to Your ways. May I walk in Your path. May I breathe with Your breath. May I love with Your love. May I be all Yours now and forever.

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Shine like the SON

I awakened to the worries of the world. So much evil, so many difficulties, racial tension, political issues, people issues, and the news reporting every bit of bad news they can find. Frustration set in as I thought how the media distorts and manipulates, leaning their reports to meet their … Continue reading →

Surface Scratchers

Quail (41)

I enjoyed watching the California Quail that visited our bird feeder. They looked so cute with their little plumed hats and serious expressions. What I found humorous is how they lifted their heads while their little feet scratched the ground. They didn’t even watch to see what they’re stirring up. … Continue reading →