On Mission

On mission

If you are a Christian, did you realize you are on mission? If you are still breathing, you are blessed with a purpose. Not a day or moment is wasted by God. You don’t have to go overseas, write a best-selling book, have the biggest blog followers, or be on the evening news to leave an eternal legacy. Did you realize one prayer for that lost person may be the one prayer that helps tip their heart open to God? Did you know that one smile you gave the person at the grocery store may have saved their life?

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Always connected

Before they will call, I will answer

Before leaving town for an earlier speaking event, I drove to pick up a friend. Unfortunately, when I arrived at her house I accidentally dropped and broke my cell phone. The break was fatal, and all phone numbers, contact information, messages, and photos stored on the device were lost. I … Continue reading →

Zeroed In

Zeroed in, photo by Lisa Buffaloe

Focusing on the door where I would be doing business, I walked across a parking lot. A few moments later, I found myself sprawled on the sidewalk. Fortunately, my nose broke the fall. Unfortunately, said appendage sustained extensive damage and still has a slight tilt to the left. Amazing how … Continue reading →

Stuck in discouragement?

Dive in to Jesus' healing

Several days had passed after Jesus’ crucifixion and two downhearted, discouraged, and hopeless men traveled the road to Emmaus (see Luke 24:13-33). According to scholars, Emmaus was a place of “warm water used for healing.” On their way, a “stranger” approached and explained the scriptures to them on why Jesus … Continue reading →

Through Prayer

Praying -- Lisa Buffaloe

I want to be different and changed for the better with each passing day. I don’t want to be stagnant and stuck in the mundane of mere existence. I want more of God—to know Him more completely. Oh to be like Enoch who walked with God, or David—a person after … Continue reading →