Lisa Buffaloe

  • Keep Praying
    Pray.    Be persistent.    Keep knocking.    Keep seeking the Lord. Keep praying. Keep praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ.    Pray they seek the Lord in all things.    Pray they keep their lives and homes free from the stain of sin.    Pray they read...
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  • The Master’s Touch
      A gentle hand on the shoulder. A hug from a friend. A smile from a stranger. The coo from a dove. The song of a bird.  A flower’s sweet fragrance. A baby’s innocent laugh.  A sunrise that promises a new day is dawning. The sunset painting the day you didn’t...
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  • Equipping
    Days are ever-changing, the needs ever-growing, and the tugs from various locations keep tugging. Fortunately the Bible tells us we are equipped by God to complete His good works. I’ve always viewed being equipped as something we are given when needed. And that is true; however the original Greek definition...
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  • What’s Attached?
    Have you ever noticed how heavy the air seems when someone is complaining, arguing, shouting, or saying curse words? I wondered what if negative words took the shape of clawed creatures that attach themselves to the person who voiced them?  Be careful what you say to yourself and to others....
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