Sharing on Women of Grace in the Marketplace — 2 Comments

  1. Lisa, I thought this was so special! Sweet interaction, the two ladies are wonderful at what they do! I learned some new things from this I needed to hear. I’m encouraged to trust and go forward. Yes, it’s been a difficult season for all of us and I’ve lately been digging in deeper and leaning into “Trust without borders” so that I can connect with his flow and walk into deep recreatings. He’s making us all new! You mentioned Eph 3 and that’s what I’ve been living in. This is confirnming alot he has spoken to me New discoveries of himself, more intimacy and a “Broadening” of my giftings.

    • Praise the Lord, sweet Rita! Thank you for taking the time to listen. I’m so grateful the interview blessed you. Trust without borders! Oh, yes! What a wonderful adventure God takes us on as we trust Him. Praying for you and sending BIG blessings!