Never too far gone — 6 Comments

  1. Thank u so much Lisa for this beautiful prayer! I pray daily for my prodigal kids. It is absolutely heartbreaking for me and my mom! Haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving. My friends are my true family. Anyway .. thank u again for your words!

    • Joanna, I will join in prayer for your children. We are praying for ours to return to the Lord. Linking prayer shields with you for their salvation!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you, my friend. I will continue to use this beautiful prayer for our children. My hope is in the Lord Almighty. Praise the Lord for his unending strength! His love and mercy are new every morning. Hope you’re having a great start of the day sweet one. ((hugs))

    • We will continue to pray, sweet Tess. I too am so grateful for the hope we have in our loving, merciful God. Praising and praying! Love you precious friend!♥️ (((((Hugs))))💝🤗🙏