Mind games — 8 Comments

  1. Would you believe it that this just happened to us on Sunday when we stepped out of our comfort zone and then God blessed us with so much love and acceptance. God is always there, waiting to bless us. Sadly I don’t always listen to his voice but He’s forever faithful. Thank you for the wonderful reminder that God is good all the time. Love and hugs. XOXO

    • Awesome, Tess! Thank you for sharing. I love hearing about our awesome God! He is forever faithful and always good! Love and BIG hugs to you! XOXOXOOOOO 😀

  2. God is still working on getting it through my thick head that He does not operate on “what ifs.” He has already been where He leads us. Thank you Lisa for sharing with us. Love you sister in Christ. ❤️

    • Brenda, I can so identify. Goodness, it’s a struggle to trust and rest knowing God has us and will be with us for every step. I’m trying to learn. 🙂 Love you too, sweet sister!

  3. Great article Lisa! Oh I could talk for a looonnnnng time on this topic. But God has helped me to recognize His voice verses Satan’s voice. He has helped me to bring into captivity the thoughts not from Him. Thank you Lisa.