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In giving, we receive. Yet when we give, do we miss the blessings God has given? Are we so busy with life that we miss how God is working? The time spent doing, giving of ourselves in the mundane daily seemingly thankless chores, are we missing the gifts given from God? 

Picture a movie where slow motion highlights the moments of time. 

      The laugh or smile of a child. 

     The happy sigh of contentment. 

     The smile of a stranger. 

     The sunrise or sunset in rainbow colors displaying the glory of God. 

     The flower peeking through a crack on the dirty sidewalk. 

     The birds singing songs of praise. 

     The penny lying on the parking lot with words reminding, “In God We Trust.” 

Watch closely. Listen. Not a day goes by. Not a moment in time is without God’s blessings. As you give of yourself, as you serve others, as you walk these dusty roads, all around you God is leaving blessings — gentle, quiet, sometimes so very obscure — but always blessings to remind you that He is there.

Photo by Lisa Buffaloe

*Photo by Lisa Buffaloe





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