Don’t walk away — 7 Comments

  1. Beautiful, hard and pure truth. Well written and thank you for this encouragement sweet one! XOXO

    • Thank you, sweet Tess. Times are hard and the enemy is trying to get as many to walk away as possible. I’m grateful for God’s truth to fight against Satan’s lies. Lvoe and hugs to you!! XOXOXO

  2. Hell is still very much real! Accept Christ, follow Him, Heaven is your reward, reject Christ, do not follow Him, Hell is your reward, PERIOD! God is not an uncaring Father, giving us everything WE think we need. Because of His great love for us, he sometimes says “no.” There have been many, many times in my walk with Christ I could have walked away, when I didn’t get what I asked for, or was rejected. But, I can also look back & thank Him for not giving me what I asked for. Because I would have been in a big mess. He can see ahead, we cannot. BTW, I am so thankful Christ did not choose to return to His Father & all the glories of Heaven, when He was rejected.